Thank you for visiting Cullen Photos. From browsing the galleries, you will see I am a versatile photographer with an eclectic body of work.

Outdoors, my passion is photographing wildlife and nature. When on Galiano Island, I have access to incredible vantage points and can photograph orcas, eagles, hummingbirds, and deer in their natural habitats.

In the studio, I strive to capture the most delectable aspects of foods and beverages, the details of products or the essence of a person in a portrait.

I am a regularly published travel journalist, combining words and photos to give readers a first hand glimpse of places I have been.

I support the Delta Gymnastics Society by donating my time to photograph gymnasts and events. www.deltagymnastics.smugmug.com

Also on the SmugMug site is a wider selection of Cullen Photo imagery available as prints and cards. www.deltagymnastics.smugmug.com/KCullenPhotos


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